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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ultimate Cats

So this cat lady has gone and made herself some new strides! And in celebration I went and found the coolest cats in town..

The trousers are the 'Ultimate Trousers' by Sew Over It London. I originally made them up in a size 12, based on my measurements. However, the pattern is for a woven not a stretch so they were way too big. I am not a fan of muslins/toiles - I know, I know, I should always do them - but I would never have time to make anything if I made them all the time. So instead I fit as I go. So I made them up in the size 12 by basting them together. So I just undid them and cut them down, they ended up being a size 10 in the waist but a size 8 elsewhere. In fact they are probably a bit smaller than this in the leg, because I wanted them skinnier than the design. I can use these alterations on my next pair of stretch Ultimates, but I would leave them a size 12 for a woven pair.
As you can see, I chose to add the zip to the centre back seam. This made it easier when I was doing the altering truth be told, but also it saves having any bumps on my hip! I added a button tab for a hook and bar on the inside, to avoid any accidental flashing!

I made them up in a flocked cotton from Addicted to Fabric. They have 3% elastane in them so are a stretch, like a stretch denim really. They are of a similar thickness but then they have this rad texture, the blue feels and looks like velvet!

The pattern is super simple. Just a front, a back and two facing pieces.The instructions are really good and honestly, it sewed up in an evening.

 I am pretty pleased with them! I mean they aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I am sure all you advanced sewists can see all the faults, but my standards are pretty low!!I am sure they will get plenty of wear. And yes, there will be more. I like the style! And i am sure there will more photos with these kitty cats in my future too!