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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Anima Pyjamina

So the Anima Pants craze has descended on the house of moi. There is nothing like a bit of a sewing comp to get the sewing juices running hey folks? I went a little crazy and made a couple of wee pairs over the last week and a half. I only intended to make 1 pair, but then they extended the deadline and it was GAME ON!

The first: a pair of full-length pinstripe smarties with a little lace detailing on the pockets and cuffs, and a little ruching on the calf to give it that little extra je ne sais quoi, or some shite...

Pin-stripe strides my friends
Hanging in the dark dark wood

A little lacy
They are a pretty easy make. I used a remnant of this cool silver/shiny ....don't get too close to a fire...woven pinstripe fabric, which i cut so the pins (technical speak people) run horizontal not vertical. There is bugger all stretch, but they fit all the same. The instructions are pretty clear and they turned out a-ok!

So anyways, that deadline thing, WELL when they extended it, i thought i might as well sew me some 3/4 length Anima's. I had this gorg pale blue and white polka dot in my stash and i thought what the heck. I was more than a little concerned they would look like i was wearing my pj's in public...not a look i strive for. So i oomphed them up (man i am on fire with these terms tonight!) with some navy denim for the pocket, waistband and cuff. But that's not all my friends, me never being content without a little shizaam, i added some vintage crochet lace i unearthed at my fav garage sale. 

 And this is how they turned out?

A total strut?!

Check out the bumps folks..err the wall, not mine..

Steady steady...

It's all in the detail

The obligatory arse view

So wotdyathink friends, would you hang with me wearing these or are they Anima-pyjanima's? Hmm?? Do tell?

Oh, and i also made the gold bolero, but that is a story for another day, yawn, night xx


  1. I looooove both pairs and they are definitely not anima pyjanimas! If you ever decide to get rid of those chambray babies, I'll take them in a flash. Top deadline sewing! Can't wait to read abut the bolero!

    1. My dear you are a zillion times smaller than me, they WOULD look like jimyjamys on your petiteness, PLUS you could sew some up waaaay better than i ever could! xx

  2. Congrats. I'd never have thought to add lace details! They look superb. Fingers crossed you win!! :) x

  3. Win, no never..there were soo many entries, of which i love heaps. I just enjoyed the sewing buzz it gave me, and your know, stretching my sewing muscle a wee bit :) Much love xxx

  4. Jen. Cool makes. Love your blog and your style. I hope you keep blogging.
    Contests do stretch your sewing muscles. That's the aspect I love when there's a challenge.

    1. Ooh thanks heaps! Yes i intend to continue this bloggy journey my friend! I always love a little kick up the backside to get me in that sewing groove. I am about to head overseas so i am desperately making a dress, and a whole bloody wardrobe too, well that's the plan.....there is nothing like a looming deadline to get your sew-jo onnnn!


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