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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lets Frock This Joint!

Frocktails, ahhh frocktails! I have a few photos from last Saturday night. Look at the amazing outfits people! Amazing and hand-made! Honestly, I was in awe of all the dresses people made. They were all unique, just like the 24 wonderful women who wore them. I entered the venue only knowing the three Canberra ladies, but ended the night with some lovely new sewing friends. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming to me, a newbie in sewing and blogging terms. Thanks guys!

The Canberra posse stopping traffic..literally!
The hilarity from Amanda and Bohdana left me with a sore tummy and no voice for three days with all that laughing!
Beautiful Amanda and Myra, two of my darling Canberra sewing posse - love you guys!

Moi and a new found friend Rachel (in the coolest dress!)
Another sewing love Kirsty and another gorgeous new friend Eve

Nic and Amanda and Elizabeth i think (sorry) and the wonderous organiser Kat and Myra

An amazingly agile gymnast and amazingly talented sewer! (name? sorry)

The 24 rocking frockers, man we had fun! And look at all that talent!
And there you have it folks. There are a couple of names i missed, let me know, and i will add them!
Thanks to Kat for organising this event, you did great. I am so excited for next year already!! And hopefully i get to meet some of you before then.
I will be back on Tuesday for my blog hop, sorry lots of me at the moment!! Bye x


  1. So nice to meet you at Frocktails last weekend - I loved your dress, it had such a great print! The second last photo has me in stitches!

    1. I know right? It's hilarious!! Especially as the statues were wobbly, imagine if it had come down!!
      Lovely to meet you to Mel :)

  2. So many wonderful photos! Such a great night :)

    1. Ha, it was wasn't it! Such a shame it is but once a year ;)


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